Our goal is to make software development a choice for as many companies and people as possible. We will bring your digital business idea alive even with a small budget.

Web applications

Digital tool or service such as an appointment or food ordering platform.

  • Looks good, works, and is easy to use.
  • Scalable and easy to develop in the future.
  • Can be used from anywhere, on any device.
  • Can be installed on the phone's home screen.

Mobile applications

The app can be installed into the user's phone from app stores.

  • Looks good, works, and is easy to use.
  • Detailed analytics to support sales and growth.
  • Works on Android and iOS devices.

The quality of the app is important!
You need an app that...

Icon Works on every device
Icon Looks good
Icon Scales up when needed
Icon Is easy and safe to use
Icon Loads up without waiting
Icon Is easy to develop further

Frequently asked questions

What technologies are used to develop the applications?

Technologies are always selected on a project-by-project basis, taking into account the customer's wishes. Usually, web application user interfaces are made with Vue.js or React. The user interface for mobile applications is always made with React Native. The so-called "backend" often uses Node.js as well as PostgreSQL and/or Firebase.

Is it possible to convert a web application into a mobile app?

Short answer: Yes it is. Our web applications can be installed into the user's home screen, allowing the user to use the web application just like a traditional mobile app. The web applications can also be "wrapped" into a traditional mobile app, allowing it to be downloaded from app stores (e.g. Appstore and Google Play). However, this requires a little extra effort.

What does scalability mean?

Scalability refers to how well applications can adapt to, for example, a growing amount of content. Applications running on a single server/instance may not handle a large number of users. This is why good scalability is very important.

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